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Now in a pandemic time, we can offer the opportunity for a day at sea and sun, isolated, with a good safety distance.


About Us

Magnetic Breeze Lda is a maritime-tourism company.

We are sailors dedicated to the sea and sailing from an early age with knowledge about our entire coast and its particularities, monuments and its history. We work for the satisfaction of our customers.

Our goal is to provide quality, safe and comfortable experiences and trips.



We are focused on the sightseeing tour on the Tejo River. We provide a luxurious anda comfortable trip, accompanied by a welcome drink and music to your taste.

We don't stop here:

We can make the event of your company, team, family/friends group with quality, safety anda comfort. Just contact us to understand what kind of activity you want anda we make it happen.

Price on request

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Our most popular tour at the end of the day with a welcome drink.
Enjoy a magnificent sunset in a group or in private, contemplating the beautiful monuments located by the sea.


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